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I bought a couple of brushes from Michaels a while ago since they had them at buy one get one free so I got two american painter brushes of different sizes, AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCRIPT LINER! I got a 4 and matched with my new ink that I got months ago everything goes on like creamy butter !3!

I also got another round (1) to go with my 3/0 and 5/0 I’ve been using but I haven’t gotten around to using it yet. Safe to say if I can get my moped back tomorrow I’ll be making a side-trip back to Michaels before work to get a couple more.

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I just finished doing an interview with my mom for class regarding my childhood asking things like temperament and behavior. Turns out 20-some years and I haven’t changed much… still quiet introvert who sleeps anywhere… even in chicken coups…  …can’t bring up my childhood without bringing up that time I screamed bloody murder when I was taken out of the chicken coup after falling asleep.

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Art blog is now live!

I re-blogged most of my art on to that blog, with the only exceptions being some really old sketches. I’ll continue to post art on this side but it will all be re-blogs from there and I’ll continue to post things under “fanart” and “woae concept” and similar tags for convenience and blacklisting :’)

Therefore if you want to continue watching me for art but hate my rambings (and future reblogs) feel fee to watch that blog from now on, as it will only contain the art!

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